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40th Reunion Photos VI 
(2.13 - 2.29)


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2.13. Carol Cleveland, Mike Collins, Cynthia (Ellet) and Jim Keltner, Rich Faust, Linda (Ellis) Faust, Doug Dexter

2.14. Nancy (Grant) Elliot, Karsten and Kim (Bodding) Lundgrin, Dixie (Grieve) Dexter

2.18. Nancy Grant, Cynthia (Ellet) Keltner, Doug and Dixie (Grieve) Dexter, Carol (Cox) Wallace, Carol Cleveland, Joan (Foulds) Poirel, Jim Keltner

2.21. Dixie (Grieve) and Doug Dexter

2.22. Lynn Wyse, Mike Duffy

2.24. Nancy (Evans) Shirkani and Jim Kettner

2.25. Dick Benke, Carol (Emery) Montgomery, Cynthia (Ellet) Keltner, Michael Goldberg, Nancy (Evans) Shirkani

2.27. Karen (Forsberg) Benke, Helen Goldby

2.28. Jane and Al Filger, Ed and Janet Willson

2.29. Nancy (Evans) Shirkani, Barbara (Captain) Miller, Karen (Forsberg) Benke, Carol (Emery) Montgomery, _____________, Merrillee (Shaw) Rayle, Nancy (Crimi) Beggs, Cynthia (Ellet) Keltner

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